Candice hiking in Vermont

Candice with niece/goddaughter


I am a 30-something architect/designer from Chicago (south side – whoot whoot), but I have lived in Colorado, Georgia, and Vermont (where I live right now).  I would love to be a “citizen of the world” travelling, eating amazing food, hiking, exploring, and sharing it all with my family via pics and narrative blurbs.  Unfortunately, I am no trust fund baby and my college degrees (yep have a few) have got me working “for the man”.  Actually, I love my job and love being challenged professionally.

My man, Rory, and I live together.  He is also an architect/project manager in Vermont.  He also happens to be a pretty darn good cook, lucky me!  We enjoy cooking together and not following a recipe.  Some of our best memories are the two of us seeing where the day takes us and eating great food.

Candice and crew cooking wagyu tacos on Cape Code National Seashore OTV beach.

Candice cooking on Cape Cod National Seashore OTV beach with Rory and Drew.

I started FarmGraze with my sister-in-law, Beth so we could chronicle our amazing family meals and show case my brother, Drew’s, farm’s products.  I hope we are able to truly show the amazing food we all cook together, and explore the idea of cooking as a family.  Let me know what you think, love feedback.



Beth and two kiddos at Hampton Beach, NH


I am a 40-something mom of two toddlers (girl and boy).  I am a SAHM, except for the fact that we have a farm which is now a growing organic being.  Thankfully our vision of being farmers has morphed into something we can share with others, but that also means I help my husband, Drew.  Mostly, I keep the paper straight, but I recently became manager of our food distribution company and HACCP coordinator for our slaughterhouse.  I was a lawyer until we had our first child.  I love my job because I am with my children all the time.  I love/hate working alongside my husband.  I know in 20 years we will look back on what we did as a team and be proud, but there are days…

We are lucky to live in New England, and specifically Vermont.  My husband and I moved here 16 years ago (we are still flatlanders) so I could go to law school – we never left.  New England is such a magical place where beaches and mountains and cities are just a short drive away.  We love taking weekend trips to explore.

Special Kids Noddles from Tallulah's

Fine Dining at Tallulah’s on Thames in Newport, RI

I started this blog with my sister-in-law Candice because our men (Rory and Drew) were making amazing food with our farms products.  Drew asked us to curate the events and we decided a blog would be the best way.   The original goal of curating our meals (family meals) was to showcase the farm’s products.  The blog has morphed and grown as all things must into our family meals be they at our farm or far away.  I hope we are able to inspire families (of all types) to enjoy the necessity of eating.  Providing nourishment to your body is a human necessity, providing nourishment to your soul through fellowship will elevate your life.



Our foursome is: Candice, Rory, Drew and I (plus our two kids, one dog, and sometimes one cat).  We enjoy these events so much that we include who ever joins us for the weekend in our family meals.   We hope to have bigger events.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us.


Rachel is a 30-something SAHM of two children (girl and boy).  She lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband (internal medicine MD).  She has her PhD in neuropsychology and uses writing and cooking as a stress reliever.

One of her children has several food allergies, and her cooking must reflect her child’s needs.  She also has a husband with a crazy schedule.

We asked Rachael to collaborate with us because her voice will add a new layer to our group.  First, she is our sister (Beth’s sister/Candice’s sister-in-law).  Second, she must cook her family meals with dietary restrictions in mind and that is something many families struggle with.  Third, she lives in an urban environment.

We believe adding new voices will advance our original goal of celebrating family through mealtime.

Bon Appetite!



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