Bone Broth – Rebirth

They Said It Would Change Your Life….

Ever had one of those arguments that changes your relationships when it’s over?  I don’t mean the “break-up” fight, no this argument is something different.  This one changes how you view yourself and all your relationships.  An argument that changes you.

I have experienced one of those with my best friend and it’s been wonderful-terrible.  For my entire life food or drink has been a safe haven when I’m feeling blue- aka emotional eater.  The argument made me aware of all these crutches.  Among other things, it made me re-look at the example I’m setting for my kids.

From pain comes rebirth…

So this week I didn’t just focus on one or two meals and phone in the rest of the week, nope.  I am attempting to cook healthy locally grown food every single day.  I started with some basics that I can stock my pantry/freezer with to help me cook it from home every night.

First up – bone broth.

So this was a hugely popular trend a year ago, I know but hey I live in Vermont and have a 1 year old and 3 year old.  So let’s assume I’m behind on culinary world trends.

I bought the “Nourishing Broth” book 6 months ago but who wants to make broth in July?!  Now as I look inward at my habits and rituals I decided, why not.

My first broth, Beef Bone Broth.


2 pigs feet (couldn’t get calves feet)

15 lbs beef knuckle bones

15 lbs beef marrow bones

15 lbs beef short ribs

12 quarts distilled water

2 onions

6 carrots

3 stalks celery

Peppercorns (1/8 cup)

Salt (1/8 cup)

Vinegar (1 1/2 cup)

Place feet and all bones (not ribs) in large stock pot and fill with room temp water so all bones are covered.  Add vinegar and let sit for 1/2 hour.

Place pot on stove and bring to simmer over low heat, simmer for 1 hr.  Meanwhile roast short ribs for 1 hr. at 350.  I flipped the ribs over once halfway through the process.


Add roasted ribs and all vegetables and seasoning.


Cook for 8-24hrs on low.

So, that’s the recipe I followed from the book, I modified quantities because I wanted to make a lot of broth.  However, what happened next is a cautionary tale.

I set the stove on low and put my kids to sleep, I fell asleep too.  I woke up at 3 am to smoke everywhere.  The tops of the short ribs were smoking so badly the entire house was smokey. I added water and turned the best off and thought, great I ruined that.

However, the broth was just kind of smokey flavored in the am.  I took the short ribs out and bagged them up for tacos. (That was delicious)


The next day was Saturday and I had to work so my husband had the kids.  I was reducing the broth but he said he’d handle it.  I left for the office.  He forgot and took the kids outside, when he came back to the house he said smoke was billowing out the door!

Broth ruined.

House smells.

Three days of work – down the drain.

Good news, perspective allows you to move past crisis easier.  Had I not had the argument the weekend before I may have freaked out over the almost tragic ending to our bone broth adventure.  However given the argument and events leading up to it I can say that I wasn’t tempted to freak out at all.

I mean, it’s broth..

And then in the midst of the smokey rubble life started to get easier. We tossed the broth but the spare ribs are amazing.  We grabbed lobsters and crab legs and had a great meal and made amazing lobster broth which was used to make lobster risotto tonight.

Just like that, by cooking with family, what once seemed lost was found yet again.

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